Spiritual life or Spiritual Death and the Zombie Apocalypse!


True Light

The earliest signs of spiritual death in the whole bible was when Adam & Eve took their eyes off of Jesus. In the book of Genesis, it talks of the Lord who would visit Adam & Eve in the garden and the Lord in the bible is always Jesus, so they would walk and talk with Jesus back then quite freely and openly and it was all good! He told them to look after the garden and to have everything in decency and in order and so all was good and He told them what fruit they should or shouldn’t eat and in a lot of ways He was telling them that they should keep their mind stayed on all the good things and so if there be any virtue and if there be any praise they were to think on all the good things that they had and all the good things that God had given them and they were to be thankful for this, but in the midst of all this there was something that Jesus asked them not to do and this was a kind of a test for them to see what they would do and that was to not eat of the forbidden fruit because there was one tree in the garden that was not good for them and they were not even to touch it.

Touching forbidden fruit is an interesting subject because most people think of touch as in touching with your fingers but you can actually touch something without touching it with your fingers because you can touch things spiritually. St John pointed this out in a way when he talked of the lusts of the flesh and the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life and so in the garden there was what was called the serpent and in the book of Revelation we are told that this serpent was the Devil and Satan. You imagine the Devil as being like a kind of a salesman and he stood by his tree every day in that garden trying to sell the fruit of it and you read of how Eve must have gone near that tree to listen to the salesman. Another interesting point here is that we read that if you, “Draw night to God, then he will draw night to you.” (James 4:8).  The Devil understands all of this because he was once a person who once did draw nigh to God and God would also draw nigh to him but the thing with the Devil is that he wants to be like the Most High and so he twists all this around and gets you to draw nigh to him instead of drawing nigh to God and so here was Eve drawing nigh to the Devil and she was listening to his sales pitch and getting into his spirit because he had drawn night to her and she to him and so they were having fellowship one with another and she was starting to walk in the wrong light. Jesus said, “…if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another…” (1 John 1:7). So again, the Devil wants to be like the Most High and so he gets you to walk in his light instead of God’s light and then instead of having fellowship with God as you should, you start having fellowship with him and so this is how he operates and he then appears to people as an angel of light and so he uses the Word of God but makes it all about him and not about Jesus because it can work both ways and this is extremely important for Christians to understand and the Devil who was also called Lucifer was once  on very good terms with Jesus and he knew him intimately and so he knows how it all works with getting in the Spirit and so all he has to do is twist this all around and make this all about him and not about Jesus. And so here was Eve being seduced by the serpent, he no-doubt appeared to her as some kind of angel of light and we read that he beguiled her, this means that he dazzled her and used his enchantment and his charm to lure her in just like a handsome man might use his charms and his apparent greatness to charm and dazzle a woman and seduce her and so Eve was slowly becoming a kind of a gold digger in that she saw an opportunity here because he was also telling her that she could be a goddess, he was saying that God was holding something back from her, something he could give her that God couldn’t, he was saying that he could give her the world and that God couldn’t and so she was becoming materialistic and as soon as you become materialistic then you are getting out of God’s Spirit because you are now worshipping an idol and an idol being material simply isn’t spiritual and so she was entering into spiritual death, she was starting to die to God’s Spirit and was entering into materialism and so she was already touching the forbidden fruit because in her mind and in her heart she had been persuaded and so she reached out with her hand and touched the forbidden fruit and then the deal was sealed – she had now become materialistic and had entered into materialism and so at this point she became spiritually dead!


So this is how spiritual death works, you get into the world and not into the Spirit, you get into the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life and not the Spirit of God! This is why so many people find so many preachers so utterly boring sometimes because they are speaking from the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life when they quote all of those scriptures, they can know the bible inside out and have every verse memorised and they could have learnt all this from the best bible in the world and yet if they are talking from their intellect and therefore the pride of life then it’s coming from their flesh and therefore something material, it’s coming from themselves and not Jesus! The whole world now has become materialistic and so everyone is operating through the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life – all coming from the flesh and therefore ALL coming from materialism and ALL seeking materialism! So if you are seeking material and materialistic man or material and materialistic girl then you will find yourself out of God’s Spirit! If you are listening to all of theses different preachers out there and even if they appear to be saying all the right things and they are NOT talking from God’s Spirit then they will get you out of the Spirit and not in the Spirit, they will bring you into spiritual death and NOT spiritual life! But then again, you could be listening to one who is apparently saying all the right things but he is operating through the Devil himself and therefore he is getting you into the wrong spirit. Yes, you will find yourself in a state of spiritual death to God’s Spirit but you will also find yourself spiritually alive but in the wrong spirit!

the_serpent_deceives_eve_1200So the Devil offers you two things, all boiling down to one thing, that one thing being spiritual death! His whole bag of tricks is to get you out of God’s Spirit and to bring you into spiritual death and so some people will be seduced by the Devil himself and get into things like witchcraft etc. but most people will be seduced by materialism which all boils down to the lusts of the flesh and the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life. This is where most people operate and so most people in the world today are what you would call, “spiritually dead” and so we have a kind of a zombie apocalypse because when you are spiritually dead then you literally become a zombie because you are one of the living dead, there is no True Life in you, Jesus is the True Life, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and if you are not going His way then you are going the Devil’s way and the Devil’s way is the materialistic way, the spiritual death way! So if you are seeking material man, material girl, material leader, material crowd, material group and gathering, or material things, then you are operating through the lusts of your flesh, the lusts of your eyes, and the pride of life which St John goes on to say, “…is not of the Father (Spirit), but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lusts thereof…” (1 John 2:16,17)

So what are the symptoms of spiritual death?

 Do you feel a feeling of lifelessness when you are with other people that goes beyond mere boredom, in other words, do they bore you and do you bore yourself when you are with such people? Do you feel an aching void in your heart and a feeling that you are repelling each other rather than attracting like a magnet and clicking together? Does everything jar and cripple and all your words fall flat and everything else around you seems flat as a pancake when you are with certain people? Do you feel that you just have to get away from them, that you daren’t even let them into the camp? Perhaps you understand what Jesus said, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20) So you only have to let one person in and embrace this person who is not coming in “Jesus Name” and then you find that Jesus leaves because you have embraced another that has come in his own name. Another feeling of spiritual death is that you might feel that you are lost in space and that your vital lifeline has been cut and you have a feeling that you are nothing and nowhere and without hope and there is the question of the dismal abyss of nothingness in that you might feel that you are at the bottom of an endless pit. These to mention just a few of the symptoms as best as can be physically explained because we are talking about a spiritual bfneed here that you just cannot fathom out on a physical level because the need is more spiritual than it is physical. Spiritually, your spirit cries out for God, physically your physically body cries out for the world (things) and for it’s lusts and is never satisfied because you just can’t get no love, you throw everything and everyone into your hungry earthy heart but you just can’t get no love out of it all because there is no love in it all because at the end of the day, it all boils down to materialism and the lust of the flesh and the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life and this is where the Devil has everybody trapped in a spiritual death zone, he knows the only way out of all of this is through Jesus so he does everything that he can to keep you away from Jesus! Jesus can bring us into the true light, “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have (then and only then) fellowship one with another.”(1 John 6:7).

Through Jesus we can step out of the lusts of the flesh and the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life and we can begin to operate in Him and through His Spirit rather than our fleshly lusts. If you are aware of your fleshly lusts and have learnt to hate them then you can simply ask Jesus into your heart and through Jesus you can override all of your fleshly lusts. Maybe you already know that they never brought you any happiness or any true love and you have learnt to hate even your own self, maybe you hate what you are and you hate what the world has become, you hate this zombie apocalypse day ‘n’ age and all of these flesh crawling lusts, you’re so sick of it all, you are sick of the pathetic desperate state that mankind now finds itself in! If this is you then trust in Jesus, trust that there is a solution to all of this, simply ask Jesus into your heart and ask Him to override all of this. You don’t want your lustful self, you are sick of him or her, this is not how you wish to be, you want to put all this behind you and you are sorry that you became such a person, the person that you never wanted to be in the beginning that you have become so simply ask Jesus into your heart, ask Him to come in spiritually and to override all of this and then trust that He Will Come In and He Will Give You the true impulse of Love, through Jesus you can learn to love again, you can learn to love God and love others and find true happiness and therefore true purpose in life – Simply ask Jesus in today – there simply is no other way! Thank You Jesus!


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